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Mantra To Get Your husband To Leave Alcohol or Wine

Is your husband,brother or any relative take drugs and drinks alcohol? Do you want some fast remedies and solution for him to quit drugs and leave alcohol? Then you are at the right place. Consult to Guru Ji for some instant mantra, remedies and astro solutions if you want your father, husband or friend to quit drugs and leave alcohol.

Excessive drinking and taking drugs is a very major problem and it has destroyed families. Most of the girls & boys start taking drugs and drinks at very young age through their friends. The negative or you can say sad part of this is when drug gets into the body system then person is not able to resist and wants more. It initially start effective body’s nervous system and take mind in control like person is not able to think logically.

Drugs and Alcohal drinking can be a reason to damage health like Cirrhosis of the liver. It may cause to any major accident.


To quit or avoid drugs and leave alcohol planet of that person play major role. Generally it is seen that people who take drugs and alcohol have weak will power. Also in their horoscope, such people have placement of moon in their health house ( 3rd house) and also has Rahu and Saturn malefic.
जब किसी पर्सन का चंद्र कमजोर हो तो वो लोग जड़ली चिंतित हो जाते हैं और नशे वाली चीज़े का सेबन करने लग जाते हैं जैसे ड्रग्स, शराब , सिगरेट
When a person’s moon is weak, then they become worried and start consuming addictive things such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes By which they think their stress and anxiety will be overcome. Placement of Rahu and Venus in Kundli is also a reason to have drugs and Alcohol.


Consult to Guru Ji for instant help if someone is under drugs and Alcohol addicted. Guru Ji has some astrological power and he will guide you solution and remedies for this. Within 7-11 days, that person will leave alcohol and quit drugs. Call right away.


How To Quit Alcohol & Drugs By Astrological Mantra

For a happy married life, it is important for couples to do their duties right. Respect each other and make your life full of love. But sometimes due to some bad habits of the husband, marital life is become very stressful. If husband has a bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs or create home violence, then wife should do some remedies to get rid of his bad habits. In the present time a lot of men are addicted to alcohol. This bad habit becomes a problem in marital life. So if your husband has a bad habit of drinking alcohol or taking drugs or if you are facing troublesome married life due to excessive fights with the husband then you can use following remedies or mantras or useful totke. Get powerful vashikaran mantra for husband who is addicted to liquor or wine

Home Remedy To Quit Drugs & Alcohol

Worshiping lord Shiva and goddess Parvati regularly can help to get rid of drugs and drinks. On the Saturday night, when your husband is sleeping then take a bottle of alcohol or liquor and cross it on the top of him 21 times. In the morning flow this bottle in any river and also flow a mustard oil bottle with this bottle of alcohol. While doing all this, husband should not know about this. You can also worship planet Jupiter every Thursday to get rid of family problems.

If you are unmarried and want to get a desired husband then you should worship goddess Parvati everyday and put the sindoor of Mata Parvati on her forehead. Parvati’s sindoor can be applied by any unmarried women to get a nice husband.

Mantra for Husband Wife Dispute | Attraction Manta for Husband-Wife

There are most common problems faced by families today that is dispute between husband and wife. This mantra is useful to remove husband-wife differences and help in living happy married life. This is free love spell for your husband which makes him in your control

Mantra in Hindi and Englsih

Get procedure of this husband wife reunite mantra.

Get more remedies and mantras or useful lal kitab totke call to Swami ji.

Astrological Remedy Mantra To Quit Drugs & Leave Alcohol

This is the simplest way for women whose husbands are consuming more alcohol or drugs and the excess share of their income is looted. On the day when your husband comes home after drinking alcohol and his boots and his shoe are reversed by itself So you take the dough equivalent to the weight of that shoe and feed it to the dog by making bread without the help of a scalp. In a short time, he will start loathing with alcohol. If such restriction is continuously for at least three days If he goes, he will immediately leave alcohol and quit drugs.
One of the upaya to get rid of drugs and alcohol is that you bring a bottle of brand of liquor that brands your husband on any Sunday. Offer that bottle on any Bhairav ​​temple on Sundays and again by paying some rupees to the temple Take the bottle back home from the priest. When your husband is asleep or drunk in alcohol drunk, then you can chant the whole bottle over your husband 21 times, “Namah Bhairai” After that, drop that bottle under the tree of any peepal, in a few days you will see the miracle.
One way to get rid of alcohol is to drink 21 bottles of alcohol after you go to sleep on the husband’s bed on Saturday. In another bottle with that bottle, take eight grams of mustard oil and mix it together. And thicken upside down in the edge of any running water which keeps the water flowing over the bottles.

Applying turmeric on bananas on Thursday, the mood of the husband changes with the accent of 108 names.
If you can also serve the tree of banana with the banana tree, the fruit gets even faster.
For removing the problems of home and for economic benefits, the wheat should be pusava on Saturdays and it should be given 10 grams of black gram per gram.

Consult to Guru Ji for instant help if someone is under drugs and Alcohol addicted. Guru Ji has some astrological power and he will guide you solution and remedies for this. Within 7-11 days, that person will leave alcohol and quit drugs. Call right away.